Comments from IIIZ+'s CMA/PEM Sept. 06 school assemblies:

Saltonstall School 4-5th graders | Tower School 4th graders | Bentley School 5th graders | Nathaniel Bowditch School

Saltonstall School, Salem MA 10/3/06: Ms. Caruso's 4-5 Class

Dear Friends at the Peabody Essex Museum,

Our class reflected on the "awesome" Asian music performance that we attended here at the Saltonstall last Friday. There were so many students who used "that" word ("awesome") to describe the presentation that we won't name them all. We will share some other quotes from our class:

unique rhythms —Tarik
terrific music — Berquis
incredible sounds — John
a five-star performance — Jake
deserve to be on Broadway — Will
exciting foreign sounds — Annie
interesting and great — Andres
different and nice — Brycen
very loud and great — Samantha
mystical — Rafael
mysterious —Cindy
peaceful — Dakota
like a lullaby — Nathaniel
I hope they do another show for us — Russell
great beats for the choo-choo — Luciano
so enjoyable — Ryan
loved how the instruments sounded — Julia
terrific job! — Dayna

We really loved all the music, including "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors" (which was a funny title!). Melissa went home and decided to look up the history of zithers and she taught us even more about how many different types there are. They are used in so many different cultures! Since Ami was the only one who missed Friday's performance, she learned a lot from the discussion we had.

Of course, we also loved the drum, which not only sounded great, but was so beautiful to see. It was so much fun keeping the beat with our hands and feet! We loved using our musical rhythmic and bodily kinesthetic intelligences!

Thank you so much for sending these wonderful musicians to our school. We have been so lucky to enjoy a great partnership with our friends at the Peabody Essex Museum and this was an extra special treat. . . .

We'd like to end our thank you letter with a poem that Bridget wrote in honor of the Asian music performers:

The zithers sounded like a delicate spring breeze.
The drum sounded like rain pounding on the roof of a house.
All instruments were so exotic, beautiful, and creatively designed.
The pieces of music were gentle and strong at he same time —
as though they were whispering and shouting all at once.
The whole performance — exhilarating and wonderful!

Sincerely and with Gratitude,
Ms. Caruso's 4/5 Class:

Jake, Samantha, Ryan, Julia, Rafael, Annie, Luciano, Russell, Andrés, Dayna, Melissa, WIll, Nathaniel, Tarik, Cindy, Brycen, Berquis, John, Ami, Bridget, Dakota, Ms. Dheriau H

Tower School, Marblehead MA 9/29/06: 4A

"I especially liked the song about the storm" — Spencer

"Zithers seem so cool! I liked 'Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors.' I liked all the fancy stuff you could do like moving the bridges and everything." — Jamie

"I liked the performance especially when you did the storm." — Daniel

"I thought the zithers were really cool. I think we should let them perform again. The zheng was really cool. But I could live without the turtle shell picks. I don't think we should destroy nature and an animal's home. How would you like a person to take the hom you were about to move into and chop it up!! That is how I feel!!" — Lindsey

"I like how you moved your finger really fast. [I liked] the song 'Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors' because it sounded like a bird." — Jack

"I really enjoyed the presentation by the zithers and the hour-glass drum. I really liked the song called 'Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors.' The song was very very well played." — Kendall

"I really liked the whole concert. All of them were my favorite. Especially the zither that had writing on the bottom." — Madison

"What I liked about the performance is the really fast song. I liked the drums because the sound went so loud. My favorite zither was the one with 21 strings." —Sam

"I loved the performance! I thought it was very interesting. I really thought that the bottom of the zithers were very interesting! I liked the hourglass drum. I liked the hard beat of the drum. My favorite songs was "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors." The song that sounded like water was very beautiful! I was amazed that the zithers had 12, 13, and 21 strings!" — Maggie

"I thought the zither presentation was excellent. I especially liked the 21-stringed one." — Clark

"My favorite part was when the zithers did the song "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors" because it sounded so cool. I also liked the sound of all of them." — Allie

"I thought that the songs were very good and interesting because the music was like none other." — Billy

"I really enjoyed the presentation. My favorite song was the one about the storm. It sounded really cool." — Laura

"I really enjoyed the presentation. My favorite part was the train song. I really liked that I could hear the train sounds." —Nicole

"I really enjoyed the presentation, especially the song about the typhoon. It reminded me of Asia." — Hadley

"My favorite part of the presentation was the song about the typhoon. I liked that because it was very fast and sounded exciting." — Nate

"I thought the performance was very good. I liked the song about the typhoon." — Malcom

"I really liked the piece 'Thee Zithers and a Pair of Scissors.' I also liked the design on the bottom of the zither with 21 strings. It was interesting.!" — Jake

Bentley School 5th graders: Letters to Mrs. Coffill (Principal)

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week we went to the zither chamber music concert. I loved everything about it. My most favorite was the strings because they were so cool. I also liked the drum but I still liked the strings better. . . . I can't thing of anything I didn't like because it was all so good. It was really awesome. Yes, I think they should come back. I also think that they should come to Collins Middle School next year because I'll be there next year. It would be nice to see them again.
Your friend, Paige

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week the whole school was treated to a wonderful concert. It was by zither chamber music. I really liked the drum it was so cool. I liked it when we did the rhythms. I thought it was a little long. I really liked the song about the train. I thought it was really cool. You should definitely invite them back next year.
Your friend, Mia

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I enjoyed the concert with four unusual instruments. I had never seen or heard any of them. I was surprised at the fact that there were no other groups like them in the world. I wish that it wasn't during band time. Please don't make any other assemblies or shows during band time. I thing you should have them perform at the school next year. I wish I could come see it. The performance was very good.
Sincerely, Dominic

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week we went to the zither chamber music concert. I enjoyed seeing and hearing all different kinds of music! My favorite instrument was the one from China. The lady that played it probably had to practice a lot to play such lovely music. I liked the way she played the instrument. The only thing I disliked was hoe the instruments were really loud! They hurt my ears! After a while I got used to the loud music. I really think that they should of played their instruments a little softer. Besides that I really enjoyed the show! I think that we should have them come again next year. I am sad that if they come next year I will not be able to watch them. If I am lucky maybe they will come to my new school. Everyone at my new school would enjoy seeing them. That would be great! Anyway, thanks for letting me see that great performance. It was wonderful!
Sincerely, Alexa

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week we went to the zither chamber music concert. I thought it was so cool! My favorite part was in the beginning when the man let everyone do the beat of his drum with our hands and feet while he played the same beat on the drum at the same time! The only thing I didn't like about it was that the girl with the really long instrument from China played with picks made of tortoise shell (tortoises are my absolute favorite animals.) But other than that I think you should definitely have them back for next year's Bentley Seniors!!
Sincerely, Kayti

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week I went to the zither chamber music concert. The concert was cool. I liked the noises that the instruments made. I also liked the way they looked. I didn't like the drum -- it was so loud. I also didn't like the stomping and jumping part. The drum was weird and I also didn't like the way it looked. I liked that the people were from all over the world. I also enjoyed the people -- they were nice. I think they should come back next year. I think the kids would really like it.
Your good friend, Makayla

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I liked the band that came to the school because they are good. . . . Carlos

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I really liked the zither concert because I like listening to different varieties of music. I also liked it because the instruments looked really cool and the music sounded good. As soon as I walked in and heard the drum I knew we were in for a good show. Well that's all I have to say.
Your friend, Ali

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I will tell what I thought about the zither concert. I thought it was OK and kind of fun learning some drum beats. The string instruments had a peaceful sound. I really like the drum -- it made a cool, funny, jazzy sound -- it was my favorite instrument. Another one that I liked was the string ones. I think they should go next year but I won't be there. I wish they can go to Collins Middle School next year.
Your friend, Sebastian

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week my class went to the zither chamber music concert. I really liked the hour shaped drum because it made a loud noise. My really favorite instrument was the string instrument with silk strings because it made a gentle noise. . . . I really hope that they an come next year to Bentley and to middle school.
Your friend, Jorge

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week my class went to the zither chamber music concert. I liked the Taiwan person's instrument. I didn't like the part with the rhythm for the drums. Other than that I liked it. I suggest inviting them next year to Bentley.
Sincerely, Jon

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I didn't know what was going on until we got in the cafeteria. My favorite part was when we did the beat with the drum. I liked the song. At the beginning, it started to get boring. Then it started to get good. The songs they played were good. I would like them to come back this year.
Sincerely, Denise

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week my class went to the zither chamber music concert. I liked the way they sounded. I would have loved to try an instrument. I also liked the way that we got to stomp and tap to the beat. That was fun. I think they were great. I loved everything -- and the way they sounded was amazing. I think we should have them back next year. I also think the next Bently School Seniors will love it.
Sincerely, Yailin

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week my class went to the zither chamber music concert. I liked it and it was lots of fun. I saw you there and the third, fourth, and fifth were there. I liked the drum better than the other instruments that were there. I didn't like the Chinese instruments. But I liked the other instruments a little bit. I think you should let them come back next year so the kids could watch it too. . . . Maybe I'm gunna meet them at middle school if I'm lucky.
Your best student, Yussuf

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week my class went to the zither chamber music concert. The group came to our school. There were three people. Each of them were from different places around the world. Their instruments are also from around the world. I really liked the instruments. One of them played a song that was supposed to sound like a train. That was my favorite. What I did not like about the performance was when the guy told us to stand up and stomp to the beat -- it was too noisy. I also didn't like when we were supposed to be listening and some people were still beating on the table. Other than that, I enjoyed the show. I think they should come back next year.
From, Caitlin

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
I liked it when the instrument people came to our school because they showed us different types of instruments. One of them was a drum and it had 2 different kinds of skins and one side was lower and the other side was higher. Then there was 3 stringed instruments. One was a silk string and was a guitar stringed. It was fun to see instruments from other countries. I want them back because they were good and they're lucky that they have an instrument, but I don't have an instrument. When they go to the museum, a lot of people will be happy to see them. Maybe they will have some different instruments to show the kids next year.
Your friend, Joshua

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
Last week the concert was great. I really liked it. I learned a lot from them. It surprised me because I didn't expect them to be here. Well I think they should come back next year because they were great entertainers.
Your friend, Ayann

Dear Mrs. Coffill,
The other day we went to an assembly with the whole school. A band of people from around the world came to play for our school. They played different songs on instruments from different countries. I liked the music the band played. I especially liked the guy with the drums. He had a steady rhythm when he played. I think the assembly was a bit too long though. It was hard to stay in my seat. I have a hard time staying still fro long periods of time. I also think having smaller assemblies would be quieter. I think that because there would be less people making noise. I have trouble concentrating or focusing when it is noisy. I think we should have the band back next year, but for smaller audiences. It would make it easier to hear.
Sincerely, Atticus

The City of Salem Public Schools:
Nathaniel Bowditch School

Dear Ms. Oka [PEM: Residency Coordinator],
On behalf of the Nathaniel Bowditch School, I would liek to express my sincere thanks and apprecitation for your wonderful performance of the IIIZ+ program, which you so kindly presented for our students this fall.

This musical journey was an enlightening experience. A wonderful concert was enjoyed by all!Since then some children have expressed a desire to learn how to play an instrument.
Sincerely, Ana Hanton, Principal


To: the PEM band
Thank you for coming to our school for free. It was nice. I liked your band. Thank you very much. Love, Maria


Thack you for plaing us that whendful muie I herd. It was enjoble to see the entermte. Do you now that I wau be plaing a erstermet too. I wend to the PEX Musem and you gase plaed a lot of muise. Did you now that was the biget enteama I sen. Thack you. Love Anibelys


Dear IIIC+ Concert,
Thank you for coming to our school we enjoyed your performance we also thank the Peobody Essex Museum I hope you will come back soon.
Best wishes. Sincerely,
Gabriella Gonzalez


Thank you for coming to my school and I hope you have a good time at the Peabody Essex Museum. From Gabriel


Thanks PEM for sending III+C to are school so we can here them. I hope if in forth grade we can go to the PEM so we can here you III+C!