Sept. 06 CMA/PEM Residency:
Drawings from Ms. Gaspers's K-1 class,
Paintings from Ms. Di Pietro's 2-3 grades class
and students from the Nathaniel Bowditch School, City of Salem
Comments from 5th graders at Bentley and Saltonstall Schools
4th graders at Tower School, and students at the Nathaniel Bowditch School

abigil abryanna amory
abigil.jpg abryanna.jpg amory.jpg
angel brent brianna
angel.jpg brent.jpg brianna.jpg
brook conner coroie
brook.jpg conner.jpg coroie.jpg
dan derek esmelin
dan.jpg derek.jpg esmelin.jpg
jane kelser kristin
jane.jpg kelser.jpg kristin.jpg
maeve mason matt
maeve.jpg mason.jpg matt.jpg
olivia owen paola
olivia.jpg owen.jpg paola.jpg
paul reed rj
paul.jpg reed.jpg rj.jpg
ryan sarah shanttal
ryan.jpg sarah.jpg shanttal.jpg