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October 10.25.07 (Thurs.)

New York City

25th Anniversary of the
Afro Asian Music Ensemble

Thalia Theater
96 Street & Broadway
7:30 pm

IIIZ+ will open the concert with Fred Ho's
"Suite for Matriarchal Shaman Warriors" (2005)

Baritone saxophonist, composer, writer, political activist and leader of both the Afro Asian Music Ensemble and the Journey Beyond The West Orchestra, Fred Ho is one of today's leading Asian American artistic talents. As a composer and performer, Ho works at the edge of forms, masterfully combining folk music elements from Asia and the Pacific Islands within a 20th-century African American context deeply influenced by Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Cal Massey. The result is an elaborate yet fiercely swinging and soulful music, visionary in its embrace of a 21st-century American multiculturalism, which, according to The Washington Post, "is neither easily pigeonholed nor easily ignored."

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

UMass Dartmouth
Department of Music
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth • 285 Old Westport Road • North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300
Music Department Phone: (508) 999-8568



(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Harvard University
Korea Institute
Wednesday Oct. 17th
7-9 P.M.

Open to the public

In collaboration with
the Asia Center,
the Fairbank Center,
and the Reischauer Institute

Tsai Auditorium, Harvard University,
Center for Government and International Studies
Rm S010, 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Mon.Oct.15th 8:00PM

Trinity College Chapel
Free and open to the public

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Fri. Oct. 12th 7:00PM

Free and open to the public

Center for East Asian Studies

Rose Recital Hall (Fisher-Bennett Hall 419)
34th and Walnut Streets

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Oct. 10.12~14.07 (Fri.~Sun)

Free and open to the public

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Korea Heritage Weekend

Van Pelt Auditorium

Fri. Oct. 12th 12:00PM-12:45PM
Sat. Oct. 13th 3:00PM-3:45PM
Sun. Oct. 14th 11:30AM-12:15PM
Sun Oct. 14th 1:30PM-2:15PM

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Oct. 10.11.07 (Thurs.)

Wesleyan University
Middletown, Connecticut
4:30 PM

Free and open to the public

Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies
343 Washington Terrace

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Oct. 10.2~7.07
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Department of Music
Cambridge, MA

Residency and Concert

Introduction to World Music, Wed. Oct. 3rd/ Thurs. Oct. 4th, 11-12:30, World Music Room); Composition Seminar, Thurs, Oct. 4th, 3:30-5; Rehearsals Oct. 3~10

Killian Hall
Bldg. 14, Rm. 14W-111, MIT Hayden Library Bldg,
160 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Sun. Oct. 7th

Free and open to the public

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

July 07.23.07
"Tokyo Summer" Music Festival
Musicasa Hall

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

July 07.21.07 (Sat.)
Kyoto, Japan
Barocksaal (Aoyama Memorial Hall)

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)
June 06.2~3.07
Lorsch, Germany
UNESCO World Heritage Festival

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

May 05.07.2007

May 05.05.2007 (Sat.)
Taipei Traditional Arts Festival
Zhongshan Hall
Guangfu Auditorium 7:30PM

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

May 05.03.2007
Lecture and Concert

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Feb. 02.23.07
Radio Broadcast (in German)
7:05PM in Germany, click below to listen live


(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)

Jan. 01.12.2007
2-Hour Radio Broadcast
(in English)
1~3PM Alaska Time
on CrossSound Radio
(click for play list and links to "listen live"
and podcast: 1st hour / 2nd hour ).

(Clark, Chung, Mizutani, Lai)